Jennifer Aniston Goes Fresh for Summer With a New Chop

We’ve all been there, living through a scorching summer and fantasizing about what it would be like to escape the heat. Jennifer Aniston had that exact thought, and took action instead of sitting around and dreaming about it! Her long-term stylist, Chris McMillan, gave her a fresh summer cut that has become all the rage. McMillan made her signature long flowing locks disappear and gave her hair a choppy textured style to set high standards for others to emulate. A close-cropped style like Jennifer Aniston’s allows you to wear your hair in updos, braids, and ponytails, keeping long strands off your neck.

The Latest Hair Cut

What else can we expect from the woman who gave the world The Rachel apart from an iconic new look? Jennifer’s latest haircut is a bit different from what we’re used to seeing her wear, as it’s now much shorter than it usually looks. McMillan has given the Friends actress a new summer chop, an edgy look. It gives her a stunning effect with choppy layers all over her mid-length hair. Mcmillan ensured the softness of her look even with short hair as the layers help hide any visible scalp at first glance — and they work well with Aniston’s natural texture.

The Layering Effect

What’s Jennifer Aniston’s secret to staying young and vibrant? Layers. McMillan recently chopped her hair into chin-grazing layers, which he says are vital to staying fresh-faced. The short layers soften her features, so she looks more youthful. McMillan clarified that one of Aniston’s favorite hair care products is Glossing Detangler from her line of hair care products. The product contains a superfruit complex, vegetable ceramides, and chia seeds that smoothen and enhance the locks, giving them a natural sheen and guarding them against damage. So, what are you waiting for? Hit the salon and get the cut of the season.