Celebrity Hairstylist Jen Atkin Explains How We’re All Shampooing Wrong

She may be best known as the hairstylist to the stars, especially the famous Kardashian family, but Jen Atkin is making waves in the hair industry with her hair care product, Ouai. While she provides some of the best hair products, Atkin is not one to shy away from sharing her hair tips, and everyone is sure to listen to the professional.


If you follow Jen on Instagram, you’ll see her showing off a lot of her work. Now, she is giving a valuable tip that she wants to share with every woman out there. One important thing that Jen has explained is that we are all shampooing wrong.

The hair guru has proven that, while we thought we had the most straightforward task in our beauty regime nailed, we could perhaps be causing more damage than good. Instead, we should all be using two shampoos instead of one, especially if we have balayage or ombré.


Jen explains that the two shampoos should consist of a volumizing product for the roots, and a moisturizing option for the ends, which ensures you are covering your entire head. Since many of us may dye our hair, or have damage from all the processing we put it through, the hair on our heads is not equal. By using two different products, it will help allow our hair to balance out.


By following Jen’s advice, we will be protecting our ends while also finally getting volume. While many can understand the hair volume struggle, Jen has come up with the solution we have long been waiting for. By giving our hair more volume, it will make it easier to style and will allow products to work better in our hair too.

That is why Jen has launched many hair products which will help fix all the problems we’ve long been dealing with when it comes to our hair. As part of her Ouai hair collection, she has the Ouai Wave Spray which will give you beach waves, and Ouai Anti Frizz Sheets, to make your ends appear moisturized and healthy.