Dua Lipa Flaunts Her La Vacanza Collection With Versace

The Collection Features Some True Summer Glam

Fan-favorite pop star Dua Lipa never fails to make a statement with her fashion choices, especially showcasing her impeccable style and partnership with renowned fashion house Versace. Recently she revealed her La Vacanza collection, which is set to captivate fashion enthusiasts, offering a perfect blend of elegance and glamor for the summer season.

Modeling the Collection

The “Don’t Start Now” singer recently showcased her luxurious summer wardrobe on her Instagram account. She shared pictures of herself modeling a stylish ensemble from her Versace collection named La Vacanza. The featured look was a metallic two-piece set, consisting of a cropped collared jacket with exquisite stitched detailing and a matching mid-rise miniskirt. Dua Lipa accessorized it to perfection with a selection of gold Versace jewelry. She adorned her ears with disk pendant earrings embellished with multicolored gems, completing the look with a chain belt with dazzling butterflies cinching her waist.

Living in Style

Living in Style

In the caption, Dua Lipa expressed her love for the blue chrome two-piece set, stating that she would be living in it until further notice. This chic skirt set also made an appearance in the music video for Dua Lipa’s lead single, “Dance the Night,” from the film Barbie. Dua also shared behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot, giving fans a glimpse of the glitzy outfits she wore, including the metallic chrome set and a second sparkling look. The glitzy ensemble featured a bedazzled baby pink halter-neck top and a blue sequined miniskirt adorned with glittering butterfly embroideries, paired with metallic pink heeled cowboy boots.

The Inspiration

Ahead of presenting the collection at a special runway show in Cannes, Dua Lipa and Donatella Versace thoroughly discussed their design process. They aimed to create a holiday-special womenswear wardrobe, which embodied the essence of summer fashion with glitz and glamor. The pop star herself will wear the collection throughout summer while ensuring others will love and enjoy it also.

Metallic Nail Polish Is a Celebrity Favorite Once Again

Metallic nail polish in silver

After a year of ups and downs, the beauty world is finally showing signs of familiar optimism. Blonde highlights, cotton candy hair colors, lush eyelashes, and graphic ‘60s eyeliner are all slowly creeping back into the spotlight. And how does the world of nail polish respond to this? By bringing back its metallic tones, of course!

Metallic Nail Polish Is a Kardashian Favorite

Kim Kardashian If you can trust anyone to start or revive a trend, it’s the Kardashian sisters. Both Kim and Khloe have been spotted sporting super shiny nails recently. Kim wore multiple bronze shades for her new fragrance, Metallic Hearts, photoshoot, while Khloe was seen with a lengthy, V-shaped metallic silver French manicure.

Kim Kardashian during a promo photoshoot for her newest fragrance wearing metallic nails

The Kardashians aren’t the only famous people to bring metallic nail polish back. Singer Billie Eilish sported chic chrome nails for a recent Vanity Fair cover. The best news for us normal gals is that we don’t need nail extensions and chrome powder to get in on this trend.

Other Nail Polish Trends for 2021

With winter soon giving up the reigns to spring, we’re about to see a lot of green in trendy nail designs. So, if you stocked up on Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day greens, don’t set them aside, as they will be just as popular this spring as they were a couple of months ago. Another trend is the zebra print and animal patterns, in general. Some of them are easy to make, others are better left to the pros, but no matter who does your nails, this trend is fantastic to look at, and it can add an edge to virtually any style.

Zebra print nails

Last but not least, alternate colored nails will always be in fashion. From neon pinks and blues, to yellows and purple-ish, you can’t go wrong with that, especially if you add a dash of metallic, wink wink.