Coperni’s Show-Stopping Moment Is a Spray Painted Dress for Bella Hadid

The season of fashion week never disappoints as at least one designer does something so truly out of the box that it becomes the highlight of fashion for the year. For the 2022 season, that moment was possibly the one that happened at Coperni’s Spring Summer 2023 show. Amidst all of its regular outfits, the ultra-modern Parisian brand had all the tongues wagging when it had Bella Hadid walk onto the ramp and spray-painted her, creating a white dress from nothing. A truly technology-pushing feat!

The Show-Stopping Moment

Coperni, the futuristic brand and the brainchild of Sebastian Meyer and Aurnaud Vaillant, held its 2023 spring collection show in the Musee des Arts et Metiers in Paris. After a riveting and amazing lineup, Bella Hadid stepped out onto the stage in nothing but nude underwear for the final performance. A team of specialists, headed by Dr. Mabel Torres, inventor of the spray-on fabric, immediately surrounded her. During the 15-minute performance, the team dressed Hadid in a spray-on dress, a Coperni slip dress to be precise. The video of the liquid-polymer dress being sprayed on the model has gone viral as fashion heads all over the world are going gaga over this technology and its execution.

The Coperni 2023 Show

Though Bella Hadid’s performance was the most talked about aspect of the show, the rest of the lineup did not disappoint either. The designer duo behind Coperni played around with historical proportions, padded trousers, excess fabrics on miniskirts as well as leather jackets to create a truly boundary-breaking collection. Even the accessorization, like the popular Swipe bag and the clip-on Matrix-inspired glasses, was integral in establishing the vibe of the show. In terms of fabric, the duo opted for holographic floral print and slinky slip dresses. Overall, the designer’s work has truly impressed critics all over, and is sure to go down in history as a truly spectacular showcase.

Kate Middleton opts for shades of blue for Easter

Kate Middleton is known for her chic style that’s made up of sleek dresses, beautiful accessories, and her dazzling smile. Her outfit for this year’s Easter holiday was a perfect homage to her signature look. The Duchess of Cambridge sported a head-to-toe blue look that was built around a bespoke accessory, her headband, that added depth to her already elegant ensemble.

The Look

Kate Middleton wore a blue fit-and-flare dress paired with a sleek clutch, a pair of suede classic pumps, and a pretty headband. The headband was a shade of rich cornflower blue. The accessory hailed from the designs of Jane Taylor Millinery, a designer label based out of London. The label was responsible for many of the striking hatbands, headpieces, and incredible hair accessories worn by the Duchess over the past year. This particular headband featured a unique wraparound style that has been described by the brand as a design that is diamond pleated and made of blue crepe material. The mother of three is known to wear showstopping headbands for many lavish occasions, and her Easter look was a perfect example of this.

Alternate Options

Kate Middleton is not only a royal figure but also a trendsetter in the world of fashion. The mother of three is known to make the fashion pages quite often for color-coordinated and elegant outfits. If you’re inspired to pick up some fun and classy headbands, there are many affordable places to shop at. There are many options to be found at Target, Athleta, and Amazon that can help you achieve the look in just under $20. Kate Middletown’s other go-to brands include Draper James and Lele Sadoughi. With one holiday behind, we can’t wait to see and be wowed by what the Duchess of Cambridge is planning for her next one!