Billie Eilish Dresses Like Batgirl for The Grammy’s Awards

Billie Eilish has never been one to shy away from dressing bizarrely on occasions. While the sequined, embellished, and ornamented outfits rule over the red carpets, this singer, as usual, gobbled up the limelight with her distinguished de-glam dressings, true to her eccentric persona. After making her Oscars dress go viral on TikTok, Eilish was back on the Grammy’s red carpet in a full satin black attire, positively emanating a Batgirl vibe!

The Look

Fresh off winning the Oscar for No Time to Die, Billie Eilish was back at the Grammy’s 2022 with seven nominations. Though she couldn’t manage to get a golden gramophone this year, she looked absolutely stupendous on the red carpet before taking the stage for her performance. Her funky and bizarre look was not deprived of its fair share of glitz and glamor, with the gorgeous black satin. It was hard, though, to figure out what she was wearing! We’ll go for believing it’s a long black trench coat wrapped around a black dress. She paired the dress with skinny sunglasses and rubber-soled boots. One of her signature sharp hair up-dos completed her look.

The Personal Style

Loose fits and baggy clothing have been wardrobe staples for Billie Eilish ever since the massive success of her debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? It’s not that the “Bad Guy” singer has never tried the traditional feminine clothing, but revealing her curves somehow attracted more controversy and irks than applause. So, the talented young singer seems to have gone back to her comfort zone, making baggy clothing her unique style statement. Today, out of all the celebs taking the red carpets up in storm, no one can be as sassy and stylish as Billie Eilish is in big baggy clothing. And we can’t stop swooning! We think that she should wear exactly what she wants all the time, on or off the red carpet.