Anne Hathway Turns Heads With Her Fashion at the Cannes Festival 2022

Anne Hathway 2022 looks are turning heads. The actress has always been known most for her iconic roles like Mia in The Princess Diaries, and much less her fashion style. The Oscar-winning actress has never been on the radar of the fashion police nor made bold, out-of-the-box choices until the Cannes Film Festival of 2022, where she stunned everybody by ditching her casual soft color palette in romantic silhouettes for a bolder look.

The Armani Column Skirt

Anne Hathway is known for sticking to a tried and tested, girl-next-door look that has never done her wrong. But, recently, she decided to switch up her style and stepped out in five jaw-dropping dresses that turned the heads of all the fashionistas. Each dress was more enigmatic than the next. The first in the series was a custom Armani Privé white column skirt with a bandeau crop top. It was accessorized with a Bvlgari necklace.

Highlights of Anne Hathway’s New Fashion

The actress looked chic and elegant even hours before the red carpet. She grabbed the media’s attention by wearing a rainbow look from Schiaparelli’s spring 2022 collection. After the white column skirt at the Cannes Film Festival, she pulled off a retro Gucci girl look in a blue mini dress with cool shades. Next, she changed into the colorful Schiaparelli pantsuit followed by a shirtdress by Louis Vuitton. All these dresses were topped off by the last look of a hot pink gown by Valentino at the end of the festival.

The Feminine Fashion of Hathway

Anne Hathaway’s image was cemented when she came to fame in her early years for her role as Princess Mia in The Princess Diaries. Since then she has gone on to have famous roles like in The Intern, One Day, and Les Miserable, for which she won an Oscar. However, the actress never fully explored her fashion choices after being targeted by the netizens for her chic and poised demeanor. She further leaned into this image by wearing feminine suits, soft colors, and ethereal fabrics. Only recently, the actress broke free of the girl-next-door image and started experimenting with her fashion choices.

The Hathaway Style Guide

The evolution of Anne Hathway is one to be adored. The image of her feminine yet bold looks are inspiring fashionistas all around. Her beautiful smile and charming personality win the hearts of people. If you’re looking to embody the new Hathaway style, incorporate bold pastel colors as well as neutrals in your wardrobe. Pantsuits and bold dresses look fabulous even with soft features.

The Luxury Shoe Line Chelsea Paris, Now Available at Neiman Marcus

It is a designer’s dream’ to end up on the shelves of world-class stores like Neiman Marcus. Recently Theresa Ebagua’s dream of being in partnership with the luxury department store Neiman Marcus was fulfilled. She shared how, as a black designer, it means so much for her to be a part of such a reputed and famous store.

The Epiphany

Ebagua had an epiphany on a flight back from London, after visiting her mother’s funeral that life is too short for her to be spending it at a 9-5 job working for a tech company. She realized she wanted to be a footwear designer while reading a magazine about the latest news about footwear designing brands. She said to herself, “I have always been fascinated by shoes. This is exactly what I should be doing with my life” and decided to join Ars Sutoria in Italy where she learned everything she needed to learn about designing footwear.

The Transition

She gave up her successful career in the tech industry to start her shoe line ‘Chelsea Paris,’ which she named after her two daughters Chelsea and Paris. After realizing how there are so few black women designers in the footwear industry, she named her brand after her daughters to inspire them to follow in her footsteps. Her aim was to encourage her girls to dream and follow their passions just like their mother.


The Chelsea Paris footwear line makes a point out of making footwear more sustainable by using eco-friendly and sustainable materials including vegetable-tanned and metal-free leathers. All the textiles that are used in making the shoes are ecologically produced, and the factory they are made in only uses organic and cruelty-free dyes, glues, and other materials. All the footwear is handmade by skilled and experienced European artisans.