5 Winter Bags That Will Be an Icebreaker in Your Next Party

Winter is here, and so is the party season, and with that comes a lot of stress about what to wear and how to accessorize every outfit. Especially the bags you carry can make or break your overall look. A winter look is incomplete without a fluffy, cuddly bag that, at the same time, looks chic too. Who doesn’t love answering the very common question at a party: “where did you get this bag from?” Well, make your bag an icebreaker by adding the following trendy bags to your wardrobe.

Fuzzy Handbags

Well, we don’t think there is any other kind of bag that will give your look a perfect balance of chic and cozy vibes. These bags are so soft that you might want to cuddle them. Made up of luxurious quality mink and shearling, one can never go wrong with an overcoat and a fur bag. If you wish to add one of these to your closet, go check out Fendi. They have a huge range of fuzzy bags of all colors, shapes, and sizes for you to choose from.

Faux-Fur Shoulder Bag

Another furry friend that you can add to your collection is a faux-fur bag. This bag will definitely make all the heads turn at any party you go to this festive season. By Far’s Baby Cush Faux Fur Shoulder Bag is the one that you can go for just USD 625. This one comes with a detachable gold chain that you can use to turn this chic accessory into a sling. You can find it in a pretty teal-blue color and take it along to a new year’s bash. Not to mention, you will love the faux-fur trim on this bag.

Crescent Bag

Trendy for a couple of years now, crescent bags are still in and loved by people. These bags are your perfect partner during the chilly season as their unique shape gives an idea of a half moon on a cold night. You can find these in so many colors, patterns, and prints, offered by some of the most luxurious brands, such as Louis Vuitton.

Disco Bags

What’s better than a sparkling bag that shines bright, just like your soul and the holiday spirit? We say nothing! These blinky things hanging across your wrist are no doubt going to be a conversation starter. Perfect for a club night, after-party, or other late-night events, owning one of these might be the best wardrobe decision you make this year.