Sunglasses: The Hero of 2023’s Summer Trends

Here are the Sunglasses Trends Everyone Is Following This Summer

Fashion is something that is heavily dependent on the details. Be it in the summers, winters, or any other season, the details are renewed and innovated each season, with people looking for something new to make a statement with. It also becomes important to keep up with the latest trends to give them a personal touch to stand out from the crowd. As summer approaches, people are again looking to buy glasses to up their fashion game. Irrespective of whether they use them on a daily basis or once in a while, a good pair of sunglasses makes for a worthwhile investment. So, read on to know all about the upcoming sunglasses trends that have been predicted to be prevalent in the summer of 2023:

Y2K Sunglasses

As the Y2K aesthetic has resurfaced with rejuvenated energy in 2023, it was only natural that it would extend to the sunglasses. In the upcoming months, the Y2K resurgence is supposed to manifest through clear, transparent frames that have technicolor, neon, or pastel lenses fitted in them. This style of sunglasses is sure to give you a distinctly nostalgic appeal as you step out for a day in the sun. Pair them with a casual outfit or a breezy dress and instantly relive those ‘90s and early ‘00s days through the vibe of your outfit.

Rectangular Frames

Rectangular Frames

In recent years, the vintage aesthetic has made a name for itself again through various aspects of fashion. This is also true when it comes to sunglasses, which dominate the fashion sense of the time. Very ‘in’ now, these sunglasses bring the ‘70s back through their imperfect yet groovy and organic vibe. Featuring horizontally elongated frames that emphasize the shape of your face, these sunglasses give a whole new meaning to the concept of silhouettes in fashion. Wear them with a crop top and pants to get an instantly alluring minimalist look.

Sporty Sunglasses

The athletic vibe of the sunglasses prevalent now is heavily influenced by professional athletes’ attempts to look and feel cool. Exhibiting a sleek and sporty aesthetic, these pairs of sunglasses also combine the high energy of the ‘80s through futuristic and hyper-neon color themes. This gives the wearer a statement piece to don whenever they want to make a strong impression. Pair them with a loose t-shirt and baggy jeans and instantly nail the streetwear look. For a more polished look, pair them with a sleek, body-hugging dress and be the talk of the town.

Elongated Cat-Eye Frames

Elongated Cat-Eye Frames

A particular aesthetic that has dominated the fashion world in recent years is the cat eye. While its origin is vintage, there have been modifications in the design, one of which is the elongated frames. Giving a more dramatic look, these sunglass frames give you the reassurance of finishing strong.

Pearl-Encrusted Frames:

Pearl-Encrusted Frames:

This year’s pearl-encrusted sunglasses bring together modern and vintage frame vibes to give you a distinct style. Giving off more of a retro and funky look, these frames are the perfect accessory to don for a summer picnic or just a day out with friends.

Dua Lipa Dons the Coolest Patched Bomber Jacket

Dua Lipa is not only a singing star who fills our eardrums with rhythmic tunes, but also an eternal style muse who has been blessing our Instagram feeds with impeccable fashion inspirations. The “Love Again” singer has once again posted a series of pictures in super-stylish apparel, which is also super easy to recreate!

The Adventure

The pop star posted the photo series detailing her current adventures in Seattle where she is performing the penultimate show of the U.S. leg of her tour. It seems that Dua Lipa has been exploring Emerald City, checking out everything from local restaurants to the famed Chewing Gum Wall.

The Style

In her posts, Dua Lipa is pictured chilling in front of the candy-coated building, sporting a Jean-Paul Gautier lace-up sweater in black, which was paired with sold-out The Attico black denim pants. The sweater was previously worn by diva Rihanna in February this year. While these two pieces are no doubt great, the star of the show was her uber-cool leather jacket.

The Jacket

The brown leather bomber donned by Dua Lipa is one of the coolest and cutest pieces we’ve ever seen! The super chic and incredibly unique jacket is adorned with quirky and fun flight-themed patches and is from the London brand Palace Skateboards. Her stylist Lorenzo Posocco picked this jacket for its practical style of the Sherpa neck collar that can be buttoned up when needed.

The Complete Look

The chart-topping singer completed her already amazing look with Chopova Lowena brass pendant earrings and Tom Ford pilot sunglasses. The commitment to the aviation theme is indeed worth applauding! Also, it’s important to know that with a little bit of DIY sewing and ironing skills, you can easily recreate the chic look of Dua Lipa for a lot less with your own bomber and easily-available cutesy patches.