This Priscilla Accessory Is Still Popular in 2023

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Sofia Coppola’s recent film Priscilla, a coming-of-age biopic, reveals the journey of Priscilla Presley with a poignant symbol— a gold heart-shaped locket on a black ribbon. Worn during Priscilla’s school days, this significant accessory visually encapsulates her enduring love for Elvis Presley. Coppola’s inclusion of this element is a nod to the lasting emotions experienced by teenage girls, showcasing her ability to blend modern nuances into historical narratives.

A Revival of the ’90s Chunky Pendant

While the heart locket takes center stage in Priscilla’s narrative, the real-life Priscilla Presley adorned a similar chunky pendant in the ’60s. Fast forward to the ’90s, and renowned fashion houses like Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Valentino, and Givenchy revived this iconic piece.

Despite its decline in the 2000s, the spring of 2022 witnessed Saint Laurent reintroducing the silver talisman. Simultaneously, Prada launched the Eternal Gold fine jewelry collection, featuring a substantial puffy gold heart on a black ribbon. Contemporary celebrities like Rihanna, Doja Cat, and Diana Silvers also have embraced this heart symbol’s resurgence in 2023.

A Trend Reimagined in Everyday Fashion

Capturing this cultural moment, A24, the distributor of Priscilla, collaborates with J. Hannah, a Los Angeles-based jewelry brand, to craft a distinctive Priscilla locket. Unlike conventional movie merchandise, this unique piece, inspired by Presley’s real-life necklace, bears the engravings “Priscilla” and the J. Hannah logo on the back.

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However, the front is deliberately left blank, encouraging owners to personalize it— a practice similar to the original Priscilla locket, believed to have held a photo of her father rather than the anticipated image of Elvis. Despite the higher cost of $1,280 for the special necklace, the Priscilla heart locket trend has reached everyday stores catering to budget-conscious teens. Urban Outfitters, Mango, and Amazon, alongside more expensive choices like Catbird, Gorjana, and Mejuri, now offer different versions of this romantic symbol.

Selena Gomez Dresses to Impress in Her Latest Visit to Europe

Selena Gomez has been in Europe to promote her cosmetic brand Rare Beauty. Throughout this time, she has been spotted around several countries wearing fashionable outfits that have been making headlines across the continent. After being so daring on stage with her clothes, Selena looks like she has toned it down on the outfits but still looks amazing! The singer and actress has been spreading her wings to fly, and it seems like her reach has spread all the way to the world of fashion!

Fashionista Selena Gomez in Italy

Selena Gomez in Italy was a sight that left people stunned! The Only Murders in the Building actress has worn four mini dresses so far and a miniskirt and blouse in Milan. Fans spotted Gomez in the Italian fashion capital over the weekend. She also wore a tweed dress sans coat, a black and white striped dress, a black mini dress, and a pink mini dress.

Selena Gomez in Paris

Certainly, Gomez wouldn’t let her fans down and shared some more of her Parisian wardrobe, both in TikTok’s time-lapse story before she left Paris and on her account with pictures of herself in a white sleeveless dress before dinner, and wearing a black mini dress with a longer tulle skirt underneath before leaving a Parisian restaurant.

Gomez — The Ultimate Fashion Icon

In the morning, Gomez swapped her wardrobe around and wore an orange mini skirt and green button-down shirt to attend her Rare Beauty event in Milan. Gomez has been working hard to promote her new line of Kind Words Lipstick and Lip Liners. The child star has emerged as a fashion icon over the years. Her style is always unique and looks great. The actress is currently on cloud nine as the second season of her comedy mystery Only Murders in the Building, also starring Martin Shorts and Steve Martin, is streaming to rave reviews!