Hailey Bieber Has a Phone Case That Doubles as a Lip Gloss Holder, and We Need One Now

Instagram // @haileybieber

Hailey Bieber has solved our biggest first-world problem – not having our lip gloss handy and close by. The model took to Instagram to show off her new product – a phone case with a lip gloss holder attached, and we need one right now!

The Post

Hailey Bieber posted a series of photos, some of which featured the phone case/lip gloss holder. The post included the caption, “Just girly things.” The first photo showed Bieber sporting a cute top and shorts set, holding the cute accessory. The second picture was of a beautiful sunset. The third featured Bieber but without a phone case or lip gloss holder. Next was a photo of Rhode bags, followed by a picture of Hailey with her dog. After that, there was another picture of Bieber on her own. The next image featured her holding the phone case with a lip gloss in the holder. And the last picture seemed to be a screenshot of a text message, without any context added.

People’s Reactions

Of course, the internet loves Bieber’s post, and everyone was quick to notice the subtle promotion of the phone case/lip gloss holder throughout the photos. Hailey’s nail artist, Zola Ganzorigt, commented, “This phone case!!! I need.” Bieber’s fellow model, Caitlin Lawson, added, “We NEED the phone case.” It wasn’t just Hailey’s friends that wanted this new accessory, though. One fan wrote, “The phone case is iconic.” While another chimed in, “A beautiful lady with a beautiful babydoll and a beautiful innovative cell phone case from Rhode that I already want.”

Instagram // @haileybieber

Add us to the list of people who need this accessory!

10 Voguish Coachella Outfits for Women to Wear in Their 30s!

Voguish Coachella Outfits for Women to Wear in Their 30s

Coachella is an extravaganza desert experience that you will probably never forget, and your dress needs to be as memorable as the event. So, how does one prepare for the most Instagrammable festival of their lives, especially in their 30s? We have brought you some fantastic ideas to make everyone’s eyes fall on you.

1. Bohemian Look

The Coachella theme is about comfort with a touch of florals or bohemian style. So, try a floral or a graphic printed skirt like Bouguessa Jen appliqued skirt, along with a crochet bralette.

2. Classic Cargos

Wearing baggy trousers with a stylish crop top and sneakers – it doesn’t get more comfortable than this. Add a pair of sunglasses and a waist pouch, and your look is complete.

3. Fringes

3. Fringes

Coachella is the perfect place to slay away the look if you always wanted to try a fringe dress. You can top it off with a cozy blazer and strappy sandals.

4. Reveal and Conceal

Try a pair of shorts, a cute top, or go with a see-through top and a knee-length denim skirt to show off some skin.

5. Bright Colors

5. Bright Colors

Wearing pastel colors like pink and lavender looks stunning and graceful simultaneously. So, take out your bright dress and slay the look.

6. Black Dress

Nothing seems more classy yet chic than a little black dress. The minimalist Coachella outfit creates the perfect balance of comfort and style.

7. Matching Coord Set

7. Matching Coord Set

Wearing a matching set will surely turn heads around at Coachella. Buy light and flowy fabric clothes so you stay cool in the hot desert.

8. Maxi Dresses

A glamorous maxi dress goes a long way. Wear the fit with sneakers so that you can easily dance all night in them.

9. Kimono

9. Kimono

Go all out with kimono dresses. Either pair it with linen pants and cotton shirts or a bodysuit. Add chunky jewelry for a dramatic effect.

10. Playsuit

Playsuits are so airy and comfy yet stylish. Wear your favorite heels, maybe a choker and aviators, and you are all set.