Headband are the Chicest Accessory of This Season

If Blair Waldorf is a style icon for you, then this is something you’ll love! The Gossip Girl fashionista’s favorite accessory is now officially this season’s latest chic accessory. The headband is currently leading the autumn parade and being used as the thing to spruce up an outfit. Headbands were used extensively at the recent fashion weeks all over the world and some of our hippest celebs, like model Bella Hadid, were seen sporting them!

The Latest Trend

Every year sees a new hairstyle emerge, and this autumn season it’s the headband. Model Bella Hadid sported a simple black leather headband while in Paris for fashion week, giving her fans a true prep-girl fashion moment. The jumbo headbands were also seen on the runway for brands like Prada and Giani. Even the Dior AW 22 had models wearing delicate crystal Alice bands to complete their look. However, if you’re still not sure what to go for, here are five headband trends to check out.

Wrap-Around Headband

This headband is for the free person in you. The wraparound headband adds a little whimsy to the outfit, while also elevating the stylish quotient of it. It adds glamor without confining you to the idea of it being a school-girl accessory. Wrap-around headbands are a true throwback to the ‘90s. To bring the trend to the modern world, wear it on the front of the hairline instead of pushed behind.

Embellishment Headbands

All the Waldorf fans looking to up their preppy-school girl wardrobes, the embellished headbands are for you. They’re not only stylish, but they can turn even the simplest outfits into an OOTD moment. After all, some rhinestones, pearls, and you know you got a party going on up there.

Satin Headband

If simple and powerful is what you like, then a satin headband is the way to go. These headbands are currently the most trending ones. They add a little fun to the outfit, while still retaining poise and grace. Just one simple addition in any color will change your haircut from a simple doozy to an ooh-la-la look.