Granny Glasses Chains Are Back And They’re Not Sorry

If you didn’t torture your grandma by pulling on her weird glasses chain back in the day, were you ever even a kid?

There are certainly ways to make this unique accessory a questionable fashion choice, and we’ve probably seen them all. But it doesn’t have to be this way – and fashion icons are stepping up to the plate to bring this retro slice of the function over form past back into the present with a bang.

Cute or not, make no doubt about it: the glasses chain is mighty useful. Glasses are already a hassle, and how easy they are to be extra inconvenient is undeniable. At best, they fall off you while the whole Starbucks line is waiting – and at worst, they smash all over the sidewalk, leaving you to blindly walk home before shelling out another couple hundred because if you’re going to have four eyes you’re going to look cute doing it, darn it!

Now that they’re coming back, they’re doing so in every style you can imagine. They might not all be for you, but we’ll bet at least one of them is…

Here are the four trends dominating the streets so far:

1. The thin, dainty glasses chain:

Dainty Chains

A girl who you can’t help but notice even though she isn’t trying. The dream, right?

2. The “thick and bold like my personality” chain:

Dreamy Chains

No need to explain, the chain and the resting mean face say it all.

3. The playful, dreamlike chain (AKA fun at parties):

Big Bold Chains

This chain can be everything your inner 4-year-old wanted to wear all at once, but strung together in a lovely line. Also a great conversation starter.

4. The pearl chain:

Pearl Chains

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but a string of those on either side of your face all day is not only irresponsible – it’s ugly. Pearls, on the other hand, will chic up your life and your vision!

As you can see, some people have begun hanging them in front like a necklace…we can neither confirm nor deny that this is fashion. But go make your own statement with your style of choice, get ready to never worry about your glasses again – and most importantly, make your grandma proud!