Here’s How To Get The Perfect Beach Waves At Home

Bringing the sea into your hair do isn’t always as simple as heading down to the shore and catching a few waves. For starters, not every day can be a beach day in many places, so it’s up to us to figure out how to create that incredible look at home. While the temptation to straighten moderately wavy hair may be ever-present, there are a few products that will help you embrace your hair’s natural texture.

According to Jenna Rosenstein, Senior Beauty Editor at Harper’s BAZAAR, “I love embracing my natural texture — but only when I have the right styling products,” she says. “My hair is thick and holds on to water like a sponge, so it takes me about 30 minutes to dry with a blowdryer. Beachy waves let me cut down on time and avoid hot tools, so my hair stays healthier.” That being said, here are the three products Jenna uses to create the perfect beach waves.

For starters, she uses IGK No More Blow High Speed Air Dry Spray, which helps to pull the water from your hair, without leaving it dried out, crunchy, or unpleasant to touch. “The technology of this IGK spray is so cool: It wicks water out of your hair so it air-dries faster,” Rosenstein shared. “Plus, you can really spray it with abandon and it won’t weigh down your hair or feel crispy.” Not to mention, it helps to prevent the breakage and hair bending that can occur when styling damp hair.

Like any other curl routine, the spray should be followed up with a foamy mousse. Rosenstein prefers Ouai Air Dry Foam, which should be applied to wet hair. The best method for coaxing curls is to flip your hair upside down and scrunch upwards. Rosenstein finishes off the look with some dry conditioner spray, for softness and shine.