Before Your Next Trip, Pick Up Some Of These ‘Dry’ Skin Products

There are all sorts of ways we’ve worked around airline restrictions on liquid sizes, especially when we aren’t taking anything more than a carry on with us. Packing smaller containers, buying shampoo and conditioner bars, or worst case scenario, foregoing a product altogether. That’s why it’s time to switch over to ‘dry’ products. Dry products may sound exotic, but the truth is, they’re far more simple than that. Rather than buying a pre-mixed lotion or cleanser, dry products come in powder form.

There are more benefits than just not having to worry about your container being over the allowed size in your carry on suitcase. Keeping the ingredients dry until you’re ready to use them actually helps to keep them more potent, which is definitely one of the qualities we all look for when it comes to skin treatments. They’re also more customizable, especially for formulas that allow you to mix multiple ingredients yourself.

According to Stephen Alain Ko, who is a cosmetic chemist hailing from Toronto, “[M]any antioxidants become much less stable when placed into a solution or exposed to air, heat, and light.” Not only that, powders are much lighter to carry than any liquids will ever be. Many of them are also easy to mix into the products that you’re already using day to day, if you’re not just using them with water.

For a targeted dose of Vitamin C for example, you can try the Neu Co’s Vitamin C powder, which is easily blended into a standard serum or moisturizer only seconds before applying it to your face. Vitamin C is great for helping to get rid of dark spots, plus keeps your skin bouncy. Nuori, which comes to us from Copenhagen makes a polishing kit that can be customized to your skin type. The kit comes with a polishing powder that can be mixed with a fermented liquid blend for clear skin perfection.