The 2020 Hat Trends That Will Get You Ahead Of The Style Game

Hats are pretty awesome, right? Not only can they completely transform your outfit, but they can also cover up your hair on a bad hair day. Just like everything else in the world of fashion, though, hat trends change every year – and top hats may have been cool during your steampunk phase, they’re not quite as cool now. Thankfully, we’re here to keep you up to date with all of the 2020 hat trends that will get you ahead of the game. If you’ll excuse the pun.

The Cowboy Hat

Come on; you’ve been waiting for this trend to arrive, haven’t you? While we’re sorry to say that chaps and whips haven’t come into fashion with these cowboy hats, you can still embrace your inner cowgirl with this look. Whether you want to go all-out-cowboy or whether you want to keep things a little more subtle with a Bille Rancher hat, we’re here to support you the whole way.

The Bucket Hat

While you may think that this is a strange name for a hat, when you see it, it totally makes sense. Normally reserved for festivals and raves, the bucket hat has made a fashionable resurgence in 2020, and stylish fashionistas across the globe are now adding it to their everyday wardrobe. It’s perfect for your streetwear closet, and we reckon you’ll rock it.

The Beret

You don’t need to be wandering down a French cobblestone street to pull off a beret, you know. In fact, 2020 is here for the beret – which means that you should be here for it as well. Offering a chic and sophisticated addition to any outfit, you can choose a classic black beret, or you could opt for something that’s more embellished with more personality. The choice is yours.

Even if you don’t think you’re a hat person, you just have to try these 2020 hat trends out for size.